Tony the Tailor and the Global Economy

Larchmont’s Tony the Tailor, a fixture at Mancino’s on Palmer Avenue


got a special mention on CNBC this week by reporter Steve Liesman (a local.)

The question: Is the weak dollar hurting Tony, who imports Italian suits?

See it here.  (3:18 in)


  1. I rarely post here, mostly lurk, but I had to react to this. I’ve been going to Tony the Tailor for at least 15 years. He’s a great guy and a very good tailor. He has fitted my suits, hemmed my jeans, and sewn racing patches on my and my kids’ jackets. My children, 5 and 7, know all about Tony, and have visited his shop. The name “Tony the Tailor” is a household name in our home.
    I recently had a panic attack, when I drove by the shop and…there was a “For Rent” sign. I spent days trying to figure out what happened to Tony. Then one day I was pulling into a parking spot across the street, and… there he was!! New shop, nice clean space, next to Chatsworth Antiques. What a relief!! I took my fiberglass saddlebags for my Harley in to have him make storage bags for them (nothing is too odd for Tony!).

    Speaking of motorcycles, I have a good story about Tony. I took a heavy leather jacket in there a couple of years ago to have him sew some patches on it. He held it in his hands, and said, “Hm, heavy.” I said, “Yeah, well, it’s a motorcycle jacket.” And I was about to move on when he said, “Oh, I used to ride a motorcycle.” I said “what?” “Yes, many years ago. In Italy. You’ve probably never heard of the company, it was a Ducati.” … Heard of the company!!? Ducati’s are without a doubt the most beautiful motorcycles on earth. So we traded lies for a while and had a nice visit. Imagine that, Tony the Tailor is an ex-biker. … You never know the story behind the face until you ask.

    Tony will have all my tailoring business for as long as he’s there. 137 Mamaroneck Ave, the new shop. Go there!!!


  2. That is so funny. It isn’t Tony Mancino but another Tony the Tailor in Mamaroneck. He is a good guy also.

    Happy New Year.

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