Town of Mamaroneck Public Hearing: 9/15/10

Tank Removal law bond requirements: You may be interested in this Public Hearing. 



September 15, 2010


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that a Public Hearing will be held by the Town Board of the Town of Mamaroneck on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 8:15 PM or as soon thereafter as is possible in the Court Room of the Town Center, 740 W. Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, New York to consider the adoption of a local law entitled “Bond Requirements for Tank Removal Law”.


Purpose: The Town’s current law regarding the requirement that contractors post bonds to protect against damage they may cause during the removal of oil or gas tanks is not specific and could result in a debate over or a challenge of that requirement.  To remove all doubt, the Attorney for the Town, working in conjunction with the Town’s Superintendent of Highways, Engineer and Director of Building Code Enforcement and Land use Administration, have proposed amending Section 158-5 of the Code of the Town of Mamaroneck.


The full text of this Local Law may be examined and copies obtained at the Town Clerk’s office during regular office hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and during the months of June, July and August, Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.  The Town Clerk’s Office is located at 740 W. Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck, New York.


PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that at the Public Hearing all persons interested will be given an opportunity to be heard and that all persons are invited to submit all written comments at or prior thereto.


  1. [quote][i]Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter. [/i] – Thomas Jefferson[/quote]

    Our Town Government does — but you need to come here to theLoop, to find out what it does.

    As the printed press, gives way to the Internet and Citizen Journalism, perhaps Jefferson’s concept should be tested more fully, with the elimination of some of the 7,000 governments in NY State.

  2. When I looked at the March 4th minutes here, they showed things that were not shown as happening at the meeting broadcast by LMC-TV. Can Editrix find out from the Town or LMC-TV why this happens?

  3. What’s with the Town email? I tried to email Valerie as well as Steve, and both bounced back. Has the Town changed its email address–I used the addresses on its web site?

  4. [quote] [i] Technology: No Place for Wimps! [/i]
    -Scott Adams, “Dilbert” [/quote]

    Ralph, do you really expect the Bored and Town staff to understand about ‘e-mail’ and technology or even want to bother trying to do that. 😉

    Likely, ether nobody’s minding the e-mail system, or they’re having the e-mail application moved. In any case, they’re not telling anyone as it is not appreciated as a form of communication by the Bored. 😉 Don’t bother asking why they couldn’t have used the notification system they’re paying for either as a good answer would be a surprise.

    Seems that the Bored feels better when they can say there’s very little input — but, if you want to have input you’d better learn how to get through the gate to Track 9-3/4.

    Now does anyone on the Bored want to explain anything about the status of the free deck. The Town Clerk seemed to flinched in an internet clip of when the question was pushed to her. But it is not her job. And no one on the Bored seemed to know.

    Does Editrix want to try Melany’s question about the meetings that are not broadcast on LMC. Seems in one of those they must have gotten around to subsidizing parking even more than before because it happened on May 6th–but only for a few.

    [b]But its Memorial Day, so let’s honor those who served our country, let’s honor our country and all its people and hope everyone had an enjoyable and meaningful holiday weekend.[/b]

  5. Town of Greenburgh, NY June 10, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    SUPERVISOR & TOWN COUNCIL REPORTS Chief John Kapica’s Report on three Paid Fire Districts will be available Wednesday for pick up in the Town Clerk’s Office and posted on the Town Website The Town Board will continue meeting with community groups and making house calls, reaching out to residents to discuss budgets and quality of life concerns. The Board members will continue their door-to-door walking tours of the Town.

    Any individual or group interested in a visit from the Town Board should email the Board at [/i][/quote]

  6. [quote][i][b]Village of Croton-on-Hudson, NY – Community Meeting-June 11th[/b][/i]

    You are invited to join the Village Manager and staff at the June 11th Community Meeting. The meeting will take place from 7pm to 9pm at the Grand Street Firehouse.

    At the meeting we will listen to residents’ concerns, get your input about Village quality of life issues and address any questions you may have.

    We look forward to seeing you on the 11th.



  7. Village of Mamaroneck New York June 11, 2009 at 9:28 am

    [quote][b]Village of Mamroneck New York[/b]

    [i]Send Us Comments[/i][/quote]


  8. [quote]
    [i]June 17th, 2009

    Because the law does not require it … not a very good reason!

    Somebody asked the Board tonight at its meeting why only portions of Mamaroneck Town Board meeting were broadcast on LMC-TV and/or and why other portions were held outside the range of the cameras.

    The response was that the law did not require any portions of the meetings to be broadcast and that the portion that was chosen by the Board to be broadcast was broadcast.

    Does anybody know if the law prohibits broadcasting the entire meeting or are there just parts that are made less convenient for residents to see and hear.

    Perhaps the candidates running for office can respond and those who feel it is appropriate, can commit to support the broadcasting of the entire meetings.

    Does the public need to be left in the dark by its local government or is this not the 21st century?[/i]

    – Anon E Mous [/quote]

  9. [quote][i]Life, faculties, production- in other words, individuality, liberty, property- this is man. And in spite of the cunning of artful political leaders, these three gifts from God precede all human legislation, and are superior to it. Life, liberty and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.[/i] РFr̩d̩ric Bastiat, The Law[/quote]

    OK Melany, you’ve thrown down the gauntlet — but great quote, and quick too. And yes, credit too, to A. E. Mous.

    Seems that the Town Board is trying to outdo the goings on in Albany.

    They really said something like they’ll put on camera only what they want to because that’s all the law requires? Does anybody know what the law says about tying one’s shoelaces? 😀

  10. [quote][i]Take a look at what the Mamaroneck Town Board is doing.
    Note: the [u]Town of Mamaroneck Board minutes were made available only by filing a Freedom of Information request.[/u][/i] – theLoop [/quote]

    Perhaps A. E. Mous was correct quoting the Town of Mamaroneck Board about saying it does what the law requires – perhaps ;D

  11. [quote][b]N. Chatsworth/Myrtle Blvd Intersection[/b]

    [i]The Town has received a number of inquiries seeking clarification regarding the new signals at this intersection and how the change effects motorists. Under the new signalization plan, motorists can make a right turn on red at any point in the intersection EXCEPT WHEN THE NO TURN ON RED SYMBOL IS LIT. When the symbol is lit, that means pedestrians have the exclusive right to cross at the intersection. The change has improved the operation of the intersection and continued to provide a safe crossing environment for pedestrians.*[/i][/quote]

    * Town of Mamaroneck, June 24, 2009

  12. [quote][i]Today, if you are not confused, you are just not thinking clearly.[/i]
    – U. Peter[/quote]

    ’nuff said!

  13. [quote][i]The Board discussed the procedure for handling written communications.[/i] – Mamaroneck Town Board, June 17, 2009.[/quote]

    [quote][i]… all persons are invited to submit written comments …[/i] – Mamaroneck Town Board, June 17, 2009.[/quote]

    [quote][i]… the agenda will no longer contain an item for Written Communication, adding the Supervisor and Town Board receive a number of correspondences and publically reading each one is deemed inappropriate.[/i] – Mamaroneck Town Board, June 17, 2009.[/quote]

    [quote][i]Today, if you are not confused, you are just not thinking clearly.[/i] – U. Peter[/quote]

    Huh 😀

    Oreo admits confusion. 🙂

  14. [quote] [i] I don’t know where the practice … arose of doing legislative work of the Council in ‘work sessions’, but it should be abandoned to the greatest extent possible.

    While these are nominally open sessions, they are held at hours when it is difficult for most residents to attend in a conference room which is conducive neither to public participation nor to televising. People generally think that work sessions are merely technical recitations, rather than true meetings where the real legislative work of the Council, aside from the formal votes, is being done. Even televising these sessions at 5:00 would not allow very many residents to watch the proceedings.

    The Mamaroneck Town Council should do its work at formal sessions as contemplated by the Open Meetings Law and not try to skirt that law through off-hour, misleadingly-titled ‘work sessions’. Leave the work sessions for budget markups, drafting/reviewing RFP’s, or other clearly technical work, the results of which can then be debated in the truly open, televised formal sessions. [/i] – Anonymous [/quote]

    To Oreo, that says it very well.

    Is there a member of the Board who would like to explain otherwise? Oreo expects that Editrix would offer equal space for rebuttal. Yes, Editrix?

  15. [quote][i]Every day, new technological innovations help make information flow faster, systems work better and our lives a little easier, But often, when it comes to adopting new technology, governments lag behind the private sector and even the casual consumer because they are unwilling or unable to try something new and change the way things have always been done. That’s small-minded thinking. In serving the public, government should constantly be looking for new and better ways to provide information and services.[/i] – NYC Mayor Bloomberg[/quote]

    So Editrix, can you find out why the September 16th minutes indicate that the Mamaroneck Town Board will consider a proposed resolution – dealing with televising and recording its sessions – while the Board is outside of camera range?

    [quote][i] Today, if you are not confused, you are just not thinking clearly.[/i] – U. Peter[/quote]

  16. [quote][i]At our Town Board meeting this evening, while I was bemoaning the fact that we should be giving out more information to our residents regarding Agenda Items in general and our Budget Hearings in particular, one of my fellow Council people, Phyllis Wittner, suggested that hardly anyone cared. She sited the lack of any e-mails, letters or phone calls to her and no one in our live audience clamoring for these details that it was a non-issue. If any of my blog readers feel differently, I suggest you send Phyllis an e-mail letting her know your sentiments. She gave out her e-mail address at the meeting and invited comments. You can reach her at [/i][/quote] – [url][/url]

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