Toyo Sushi

Toyo Sushi   One of best sushis the area (though see objections, below). Rivals almost anything in Manhattan. (Though people like Koo in Rye.)   Casual, friendly, pretty fast service.  Great for a weeknight.  Good value.   They do a lot of take out business, and they deliver. The acoustics are awful, but  no one will care if your kids are noisy.  253 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck. 914.777-8696. toyosushi 

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  1. Toyo? Best in the area? I beg to differ. On both occasions when I ate there, the sushi was just barely edible. I hate to make the place any more crowded, but Hajime in Harrison is truly the best sushi place in the county, easily the equal of top-flight restaurants in Manhattan. I’ve had sushi all over, including in Japan, and Sam’s is the best around. Alice, the major domo, is a gem.

  2. Larchmonter for 37 years March 2, 2009 at 8:48 am

    You forgot The Modern in New Rochelle–no atmosphere and hard to find, but good, Southern Italian food at decent prices.
    Toyo Sushi is fantastic, but, as you said, noisy. Why, however, encourage parents to bring their children if their children cannot behave, which includes sitting in their seats and keeping reasonably quiet–children who cannot do that belong at McDonalds, not at a nice restaurant.
    Ray’s food may be healthy, but it’s tasteless; Hunan, on the other hand, has some pretty good food, including its steamed menu, and other food which leaves something to be desired.
    Most of the restaurants you compliment are fairly expensive, quite pretentious (what the plate looks like is more important than what’s on it), give portions so small that one really must eat multiple courses, at a cost of additional calories and dollars, and are so noisy that one can hardly hear one’s dinner companions.
    Your dissing of Palmer’s Crossing is totally unfair–it’s quite good, quite attractive, not too noisy and decently priced.
    You totally forgot Trattoria Vivolo in Harrison–looks like a diner but the food is terrific and the prices reasonable for portions which are big enough not to leave you hungry.
    It’s hard for one person to determine what restaurants another person will like, which, no doubt, is why there are so many of them.

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