Trial in Matsumoto Case?

The racial discrimination suit filed by an African American former Mamaroneck High School Student


against Matsumoto, a Japanese restaurant in Larchmont, may be headed to Court.

Meanwhile, Joshua Friedman, the attorney representing Plaintiff Abby Brammer, says Matsumoto has filed a counterclaim. Friedman says it states that Ms. Brammer has waged a "viscious media campaign" against the restaurant.  It further says that Brammer is liable to the defendant for loss of business.

A settlement conference took place October 20 but the case did not settle.

Matsumoto’s attorney, Benjamin Xue, did not return a call from theLoop. Friedman says a trial is scheduled in White Plains June 28.


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counterclaim. Her discrimination trial will be held on June 28 before Judge Seibel in White Plains.

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