Tung? Oy.

The good news: that 7-year eyesore Tung Hoy is coming to the ground as we type.












The bad news: It’s going to be another baaaaaank…..a Bank of America branch.

From the Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes of Feb. 5, 2009: 



(thanks to Brian L)




  1. What happened to Tommy the bartender? He was so cool.

  2. What is with the plague of bank buildings? No community could possibly need as many of them as are constantly going up, often replacing viable businesses. In Stamford, a popular, newly refurbished and newly landscaped fabulous dining spot was razed and replaced by a bank.

  3. NNNNNNnnnnnnnnnooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ll take a bad egg roll over a new bank any day. Fortune cookie reads: “New bank popularity greatly increased by addition of drive-through window for Chinese food.”

  5. Does anyone even go to brick & mortar banks anymore?

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