1. Turkish Meze, in my opinion is worlds above Turquoise in food and service. As to Soho decor?, whatever, if I want that, that’s where I’ll go.

    Sardingna is good, try it.

    Although they don’t need talking up because it is always packed I feel I must chime in on Encore. It is my favourite local place, hands down. Not sure what bring lots of Euros means, it’s about the same price as about half the sit down joints in town, nowhere near Lusardi’s though.



  2. I find Turqoise food terrible, a lot of fried food not a great taste on their vegetables. Turkish Mezze in Mamaroneck on the other hand, is a great restaurant, always fresh salads, delicious lamb dishes not to mention a great $11 special for lunch that includes an appetizer, a dish and dessert. Any time you visit Turkish Mezze you can find its owner and a lot of Turkish students working as waiter always willing to answer any question you have about their country. Hope this helps, Sil

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