Update: Search Called Off for Swimmer Missing off Manor Beach

Update: Police Monday identified the missing boater as a Mount Vernon firefighter, James Drago, 49, of Yonkers. Drago was in the boat





  with an unidentified woman Saturday off the coast of Larchmont, when he jumped into the water for a swim and was not seen again.


The search has been called off for a boater missing off Larchmont’s Manor Beach Saturday.

Larchmont police say the Coast Guard ceased operations about 9:00 pm Saturday night. The man was said to have been swimming off a a sailboat when he was lost. The identity is being withheld at this time.

The search involved units from New Rochelle police, NYPD, Coast Guard and Mamaroneck Village Marine units as well as Westchester County Dept. of Public Safety Aviation.





  1. My instinct tells me that there is no reason for anyone to be scared except the “unidentified woman” who claims he jumped off the boat.

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