VOM Voters Approve Library Budget

Village of Mamaroneck residents on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved the Public Library’s $2.6 million 2011-12 budget, which calls for a 1.9 % increase over the current budget.

The budget passed 263-96, said Carolyn Pomeranz, Library Board of Trustees Vice President.  

"For an average household in the village, this would amount to about a $15 increase over last year," Pomeranz said. 

 The budget includes operating expenses for opening the newly renovated Library building in the spring, as well as debt service on construction costs, she said. 

 In addition,  four current library trustees won reelection.  They are: Andrea Sambrook, Laurie Girsky, Claire Wolkoff and Steve Warner.  


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  1. As our great country coninues to fall behind other nations why wouldn’t everyone wish to boost up our intellectual capacity in a very sensible, cost effective manner — better Libraries which do not discriminate against ant color, creed or religious belief.

    To me it is a NO brainer. Vote YES on this important issue !

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