Where is it? (#8)

This week…it may be off season, but it could already be right under your nose. Where is it?



  1. is it the back of the commercial buildings on Palmer Avenue near the train station?
    editrix nope, sorry.

  2. Is it the old Blood Brothers building in the Flats in Mamaroneck? editrix negative.

  3. Taking a total guess from the clue, not the pic- is it Saxony Ice? editrix A for effort, Lucy, but no…

  4. Post Alley behind Sardegna Restaurant.editrix getting warm…

  5. Behind D’agastino’s. Thought the apt bldg across the street was 19 addison. editrix exactly right!

  6. Bobo was right the first time – – it’s behind Sardegna / New China. Just took a look yesterday.editrix thanks, Tide. “Behind D’Agostino’s” is the photographer’s title, so, well….

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