Where is it? (early Oct edition)

You’ve seen it a million times, right? So where is it? (where exactly?) Winner gets a loop bumper sticker!



  1. St. Augustine’s? (This guess has been brought to you by my coworker Janice Savage.)

    editrix hi…not what…where!

  2. Um . . . Larchmont?

    Or is it that new bank in Mamaroneck 😉 [Sorry–no disrespect!! just to the banks!]

  3. Union Baptist Church, New Rochelle, corner of Main St. and Locust Ave.
    editrix leave it to a firefighter! well done. we will post another in a few days.

  4. Currchin new rochelle on corner of main st and le count place

  5. Church on Le Count is correct, in New ROchelle

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