Who’s Here: They’re So Crafty

As they sip coffee at a table in Larchmont, Jodi Kahn (right) and Scott Jones finish each other’s sentences like an old married couple.









And in a way they are joined for life;  each of Jodi’s popular do-it-yourself  "no-sew and low-sew" craft books, including Simply Sublime Gifts and Simply Sublime Bags , have been photographed by Scott.

The photos are lush, character driven and, best of all, always feature local scenes, whether you recognize them or not.

The location of the woman looking out over the Sound holding a striped tote bag made of placemats in Simply Sublime Bags?  Bay Avenue in Larchmont.



On the cover of the newest book, published in August,  is a model sporting a retro-looking apron somehow spun together with  Wonder Bread bags. That’s in a kitchen on Park Avenue in Larchmont. 



"We shot the books in beautiful Larchmont locations, often with models we found on the street," says Kahn, whi lives in Larchmont.  And Jones, originally from Scarsdale, says he found local scenes perfect for his style of photography, which is "all about movement and life and real moments." Jones, a Loop sponsor, also specializes in event photography. "When a client tells me she doesn’t want traditional photography for a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, he says, "it’s music to my ears."

If you’re the least bit artsy-craftsy, Kahn promises 30 great, inexpensive gift ideas in Simply Sublime Gifts, some you can finish in half an hour.  "We don’t have to make anything in this world," she says, "but you can’t beat the thrill of receiving a handmade gift."

Personally, I wouldn’t mind one of those cute Astroturf picnic bags (shot on North Chatsworth Avenue in the Town of Mamaroneck.)




OK- giveaway time:

The first person to correctly identify the location on the cover of Simply Sublime Bags, below, wins a copy of the book. (Leave a comment with your guess)



Scott Jones Event Photography will shooting the scary participants in costume at the Rag-a-Muffin parade in Larchmont on October 23. For a professional shot of your favorite goblin, check theLoop after the event where the photos will be available for download at no charge.








  1. my guess is stans cafe

  2. It looks like it was taken at EB Barrett

  3. I think it is Stanz also only I spelled it correctly! Love the bags. Are they made of any recycled material?

    WINNER!!! please contact us for your book! editrix@theloopny.com

  4. I think it’s Bradley’s

  5. cocoa? bread and cocoa?

  6. Stanz! before they went blue!

  7. Stanz for sure! Love the craft projects. Great for holiday gift ideas.

  8. No guesses from me, just a compliment! Great story, great photo and, of course, it’s a great book but we knew that already!:)

  9. Are these books available at Larchmont stores? Also, are these BAGS available? Both are brilliant! Is Jodi available for parties or craft shows?

  10. Are these books available at Larchmont stores? Are the BAGS? Both are brilliant! Is Jodi available for workshops or speaking engagements?

  11. Suzy:
    The books are available at Anderson’s in town. And I sell the bags privately, so if you’re interested, give me a holler. You can find me via my blog: http://simplysublime.typepad.com/. Also, I’ve done a number of craft workshops and speaking engagements — and I also run craft and bag making parties for kids, teens, Bat Mitzvahs, or for a Girls Night Out. Thanks for asking and for your kind comments! — Jodi

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